RFC is pleased to offer its proprietary, patented At-Home Fertility Boost Kit, called “Aphrodite,” which allows patients struggling with infertility to grow additional ovarian follicles (i.e., more eggs released) at home before having intercourse or before IVF. Follicles are fluid-filled sacs within the ovaries that secrete hormones, and each follicle has the potential to release one egg to be fertilized.

  1. “Aphrodite for intercourse”. The kit is mailed to the patient’s house anywhere in the world, then she uses it as written in the simple instructions included in the kit. Using Aphrodite at home will significantly increase the chances of natural pregnancy by increasing the number of eggs released per month and by helping the couple get the best timing for intercourse via triggering ovulation. There is NO need to do any series of blood draws, ultrasounds, or any office visits
  2. “Aphrodite for IVF”. Similar to Mini or Gentle IVF, the Aphrodite is a kit that includes all the necessary medications needed for ovarian stimulation, ovulation suppression, and oocyte maturation trigger. The kit includes ZERO injections, but rather provides patients with oral pills and a nasal spray, the combination is all in one kit patented by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Patients can simply take the medications as directed without office visits or blood draws or ultrasounds. The kit is mailed to the patient’s house wherever she lives worldwide. It involves a simple 3-step process:
    • First, the patient has a video or phone consultation with an RFC doctor.

    • Second (optional), the patient visits a local lab for blood draw and ultrasound.

    • Lastly, RFC receives those results to direct the patient as to which medications to take, how much, and when to come to RFC for the egg collection.

History And Background Of Aphrodite

This new At-Home option is based upon the success of RFC’s At-Home IVF Kit created during the COVID-19 pandemic. RFC invented and patented the At-Home IVF option for patients seeking the clinic’s award-winning protocols but looking for virtual services due to distance or health concerns.

This proprietary option, Aphrodite, was created based on extensive research performed by RFC’s team with over 20 years of experience in the fertility field. RFC performed a study to assess the outcome of using telemedicine with an At-Home in vitro fertilization (IVF) kit. During the study, patients received oocyte (egg) retrieval on the 14th day of the treatment cycle, and Dr. Merhi and his team found that the At-Home kit worked as good as the conventional IVF: all patients had appropriate ovarian stimulation response with an increased number of mature follicles, and adequate pregnancy rates.

Aphrodite can be used for 1) doing timed intercourse at home, or 2) used for IVF. For the latter option, Aphrodite Kit allows ovarian stimulation after which the patient visits (only once) one of RFC clinic locations for egg collection day and IVF.

Aphrodite is far less expensive than most fertility treatments, as it avoids the costly injections that most people fear. It is also much more convenient than going through multiple office visits. It saves patients time and money with still receiving the desired results, babies.

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