Egg Donation

Egg Donation

Egg donation is a fertility treatment process where eggs from another person, usually a donor between the ages of 20 and 30, are fertilized with sperm from the intended father or a sperm donor and then transferred to the uterus of the woman who is trying to conceive or a gestational carrier.  Sometimes, the egg donor is a friend or family member of the patient, but more often, the donor remains anonymous. Donor eggs is a successful treatment option for egg donor IVF for women who are unable to use their own eggs to experience pregnancy and childbirth. It’s also the path to parenthood for many other LGBT and heterosexual individuals and couples, including:

  • Women diagnosed with low ovarian reserve.
  • Women or couples with repeated IVF failures or poor response to ovarian stimulation.
  • Women with certain genetic conditions they do not wish to pass on to their children.
  • Gay or single men who wish to become parents through IVF with an egg donor and a gestational carrier.
  • transgender individual looking for reproductive assistance


Egg donors are usually women between the ages of 20 and 30 who are able to pass a rigorous screening process to ensure the donation is as viable as possible for the recipient. Egg donation involves not only physical compatibility but also emotional, psychological and legal components which are included in the screening process. Standard testing includes:

  • Complete medical history and pelvic screening
  • Drug screening
  • Infectious disease screening
  • Ovarian reserve screening
  • Psychological screening

How does the donation process work?

Rejuvenating Fertility Center offers an internationally renowned Egg Donor and IVF treatment program respected for meeting the highest standards and criteria of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

There are many important decisions to be made when it comes to selecting an egg donor.  our goal is to make the selection process as smooth as possible for our patients.  Our team at RFC has the experience necessary to help hopeful parents navigate this path and to develop a customized treatment plan specific to a family’s needs.  Our dedicated team of experts will work with you every step along the way, ensuring that you receive the best possible care and support. We will help streamline your journey from start to finish to ensure that every detail is managed effectively, and with ease.  We understand that each donor match is unique. Therefore, case by case, our specialists will make every effort to accommodate the intended parent’s requests.

For donor egg IVF, an egg donor recipient may select an egg donor who is part of our in-house egg donor program by using our egg donor database or one from an egg donor agency. Additionally, the egg donor may be a sister, close friend, or relative of the recipients. The egg donors from our in-house program and donor agency must pass a vigorous egg donor application process, ensuring for our patients that the eggs they will receive have the optimal chances for success.

Once you have selected and matched with an egg donor our physicians will prescribe medications to prompt her ovaries to produce multiple eggs at once, which we will retrieve and fertilize with sperm from the male partner or a sperm donor.  For same-sex couples one or both male partners will provide previously frozen sperm samples to fertilize the donated eggs.

Our embryology team will freeze the resulting embryos while the intended mother or gestational carrier takes medication to prepare her uterus for embryo transfer.  Once the intended mother or gestational carrier lining is ready for transfer our embryology team will thaw and transfer one healthy embryo in hopes of achieving pregnancy.  While the goal of every pregnancy is a singleton, or one baby, male couples may opt to transfer back one embryo from each male partner if their gestational carrier agrees. However, as twin or higher-order multiples present potentially higher risks to the babies and the gestational carrier, RFC does not advise this, for safety reasons.

Our donor egg IVF program has consistently provided superior pregnancy success rates for IVF and egg donation to intended parents both locally and throughout the world.