Natural IVF

Natural IVF

theory behind natural ivf

The first IVF baby in the world was born by Natural IVF!

All it takes is ONE egg. At RFC, we care about the quality over the quantity. Natural IVF means we collect one egg. The theory behind it is that a woman produces naturally each month the strongest egg with the best quality, thus leading to the highest chance of a successful pregnancy.

what are the advantages of natural ivf procedure?

We use “individualized” treatments at RFC which means not all the patients will receive the same protocol.

Natural IVF is a cost-effective, drugs-free, and patient friendly IVF treatment. It has been proven safe and effective.

Advantages of Natural IVF are that it:

  • Is holistic
  • Lowers complications associated with conventional IVF
  • Lowers cost by avoiding the expensive fertility drugs
  • Lowers the stress by avoiding the discomfort of daily fertility drug injections

you are a candidate for natural ivf if:

  • You ovulate on your own and do not want to use the costly fertility medications
  • You are a poor responder to fertility medications
  • You had multiple failed conventional IVF cycles
  • You have Low Ovarian Reserve: High FSH and/or Low AMH
  • You are at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  • You do not want to produce multiple embryos for religious or ethical reasons
  • You have medical conditions that do not allow you to take any fertility medications
  • You want to do Gender Selection (choose a boy or a girl)

important notes from rfc:

  • Some fertility centers tremendously care about their national pregnancy success rates and rankings. This is a reason they might reject you for IVF because of your age, your ovarian reserve, or if you are a “difficult case to get pregnant.”
  • We, at RFC, always give a woman the chance to try IVF using her own eggs.
  • Our doctors have helped a lot of women who were told “you will never get pregnant with your own egg,” have babies using their own eggs.