Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

If egg freezing crosses your mind, just do it! Waiting can only make the number and quality of your eggs decline. This decline becomes very fast after age 35. It is not difficult for women to get pregnant after 40 as long as she still has some good eggs. All it takes is ONE good egg!

Women are born with a finite number of eggs. Each month a woman usually uses 10-15 eggs (even though she ovulates only one egg per month) until she runs out and reaches menopause. But even at menopause, a woman still has around 1,000 eggs that are dormant inside her ovaries. Ovarian rejuvenation has been shown to wake up some of those dormant eggs.


1 When should i freeze my eggs?

It is never too soon to freeze your eggs. The sooner your eggs are frozen, the younger they are, the better your chances of getting pregnant later on. If you know that one day you would like to become a mother but feel that now is just not the time, we recommend freezing your eggs. Freezing young, healthy eggs can eliminate the pressure of family planning while you focus on your career and personal life.

2 Is there an age cut off to freeze my eggs?

No. There is no age cutoff for a woman to get pregnant by having sex, why would there be an age cutoff for you to freeze your eggs!

3 How many eggs do i have to freeze to guarantee a baby?

Even though a lot of clinics give a specific number, it all depends on the egg quality. You can freeze 20 eggs and have no baby when using them later on, while you can freeze 2 eggs and have a baby. Quality and age are more important than the number of eggs collected and frozen.

4 If you are tasking eggs from my ovaries to freeze, does it mean that i will have fewer eggs remaining in my ovaries? Does it mean that i will go into earlier menopause?

No. The eggs that we are going to collect during the treatment cycle were going to die inside your ovaries anyway that month. So, we are not taking anything away from the remaining egg bank in your ovaries.

5 How long can the eggs remain frozen?


6 How long does the egg freezing process take?

Usually 2 weeks from beginning to end. You will have to come to the office 3-4 times during this 2-week period in order to have monitoring (blood and ultrasound).

7 How much does it cost to freeze my eggs?

RFC has the most cost-effective egg freezing in the country.

8 Can i ship my frozen eggs to another country?

Absolutely, the frozen eggs are yours and if you move to another state, we will help you ship your eggs anywhere you like.

9 What if i don’t end up using my frozen eggs?

There are so many good things you can do with your frozen eggs. You can donate them to a family member (even your daughter if you have one) or a friend or even a stranger who are in need of eggs. You can give them for research if you would like as well.