IVF without Injections

IVF without Injections

IVF without Injections or Blood Draws

IVF without pain!

RFC offers a new, convenient, lower IVF cost, and most importantly pain-free approach to becoming pregnant. The 2 key components are:

  1. Stimulation: Oral and nasal fertility medications will gently stimulate the ovaries into producing multiple eggs.
  2. Monitoring: During the treatment cycle, hormone levels will be monitored through Saliva and Urine testing, instead of blood levels.

you are a candidate for ivf without injections or blood draws if:

  • You are afraid of taking injections
  • You don’t like blood draws or you have difficult veins
  • You want to minimize the cost of the fertility injections that could cost up to $5,000
  • You want to minimize the amount of chemicals into your body
  • You are poor responder to the high stimulation by the Conventional IVF protocols

what drugs are used in ivf without injections or blood draws?

In general, the medications used include:

  • Clomid pills
  • Letrozole pills
  • Trigger medication as a nasal spray

important notes from rfc:

  • We can mail you the medications to your house as a kit (called Aphrodite Kit)
  • We will provide you with a cup for urine collection and a tube for saliva collection (instructions included)

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