CDC Urges All Pregnant Women To Get Vaccinated

CDC Urges All Pregnant Women To Get Vaccinated

Congratulations! Dr. Zaher Merhi was featured on WNBC, which went live on August 11, 2021.

In the segment entitled, “CDC Urges All Pregnant Women To Get Vaccinated”, Dr. Merhi discussed the increasing cases of coronavirus and the precautions a pregnant woman or a woman expecting should take. Dr. Merhi stated, “Pregnant women are sensitive and susceptible to this disease and we have to protect them and protect each other. We are just seeing the numbers in New York state going up, and in the whole country going up significantly. It is very important, very very important for everybody, especially women trying to get pregnant or who are pregnant to keep their masks on and cover both their mouth and nose because the variant is extremely transmissible.”

The feature credited Dr. Merhi as the Founder of Rejuvenating Fertility Center.

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