Eating Shrimp During Pregnancy

Eating Shrimp During Pregnancy

Congratulations! Dr. Zaher Merhi was featured in the “Food” section at Romper, which went live on February 4, 2021.

In the feature entitled, “What You Need To Know About Eating Shrimp During Pregnancy,” Dr. Merhi discussed if certain seafood is safe to eat during pregnancy. Dr. Merhi stated, “Tuna, swordfish, and other fish high in mercury should be avoided, as well as raw fish like sushi. You should also avoid unpasteurized cheeses and milks, raw/undercooked eggs.”

The feature credited Dr. Merhi as an MD, HCLD, FACOG, board-certified OBGYN, and the Founder of Rejuvenating Fertility Center. The feature also included a direct link to the RFC website.  

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