Gentle IVF

Gentle IVF

theory behind gentle-ivf

At RFC, we think less is better.

In Conventional IVF (which we offer at RFC), you could produce a lot of eggs, but a lot of those eggs will not be good quality because they have been exposed to aggressively high doses of fertility drugs. Remember that eggs are extremely sensitive cells and they are not used to all these drugs!

Gentle-IVF, also called Minimal Stimulation In Vitro Fertilization (Mini-IVF™) by other clinics, is a safe and a successful holistic alternative to Conventional IVF. It uses a minimal amount of fertility medications to stimulate the ovaries so they produce good “quality” eggs. Few eggs of high quality is all it takes to produce a healthy baby.

what are the advantages of gentle-ivf procedure?

We use “individualized” treatments at RFC which means that each patient will receive a different protocol based on her age, ovarian reserve, medical history and previous fertility treatments.

Advantages of Gentle-IVF are that it:

  • Lowers complications associated with conventional IVF such as OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome)
  • Lowers cost by minimizing the expensive fertility drugs
  • Minimizes the amount of chemicals used in IVF
  • Lowers the stress by minimizing the discomfort of daily fertility drug injections
  • Provides surplus embryos to freeze

you are a candidate for gentle-ivf if:

  • You want to minimize the cost of the fertility injections
  • You want to minimize the amount of chemicals into your body
  • You have Low Ovarian Reserve: Low AMH or High FSH
  • Your are poor responder to the high stimulation by the Conventional IVF protocols
  • You produce poor-quality eggs/embryos after the high stimulation by the Conventional IVF protocols
  • You had multiple failed Conventional IVF cycles
  • You are at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  • You do not want to produce surplus embryos for religious or ethical reasons

what drugs are used in gentle-ivf?

In general, medications used in Gentle-IVF include:

  • Clomid pills
  • Letrozole pills
  • Sometimes one daily injection of Gonal-F or Follistim
  • Trigger medication

important notes from rfc:

  • Our doctors are recognized globally as leading pioneers of Gentle-IVF treatment
  • Some fertility centers tremendously care about their national pregnancy success rates and rankings. This is a reason they might reject you for IVF because of your age, your ovarian reserve, or if you are a “difficult case to get pregnant.”
  • We, at RFC, always give a woman the chance to try IVF using her own eggs.
  • Our doctors have helped a lot of women who were told “you will never get pregnant with your own egg,” have babies using their own eggs.

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